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The way you pay is changing.
Introducing the new Payment Services Directive

To help make online shopping safer and more secure for everyone, some changes are being made to the way you pay. At M&S, we’re playing our part to ensure we provide a seamless, secure experience for our customers.

In the future, you may be asked to confirm it’s really you when paying for your items. This could be via SMS or through your banking app. Make sure you’re ready by checking that your bank has your correct mobile phone number..

Popular questions

  • The Payment Services Directive is a set of EU laws and regulations designed to help protect online payments from fraud. In the next few months, a new update to these regulations called PSD2 will come into effect. The new update aims to make shopping online even safer, smarter and more secure. In line with the new legislation, some of the ways in which we handle online payments will change and you may occassionally need to validate your identity.

  • We’re doing everything we can to ensure that our customers continue to enjoy a seamless online shopping experience. However, for security, you may occasionally be asked to confirm it’s really you when paying for your items. There are a few ways in which we may do this, including asking you to confirm a four-digit PIN code that we’ll send to your mobile number or using fingerprint or facial recognition services within your banking app to verify a transaction. You’ll be prompted with all the steps to follow but, if you’re ever unsure, please just get in touch with us. We’re here to help.

    If you are an M&S Bank customer and would like to know more about how your shopping experience will change, head to M&S Bank to find out more.

  • It's important that you keep your personal details held by your bank up to date. We recommend you check that the contact details, including your mobile number, associated with your payment cards and banking app are correct. This will help to make any identity checks during the payment process as seamless and secure as possible.

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